Elevate your treatment with Dermalux LED

by Innersense Management

Elevate your treatment with Dermalux LED

Have you tried the Demalux LED Light Therapy yet?

LED Light Therapy is a completely non-invasive treatment which packs a punch - so much so it can be done directly before an event & post treatment to speed up downtime! Targeting a range of concerns, this clinically proven treatment can be booked as a standalone service or added onto almost ANY treatment to amp it up!  Your therapist will discuss your concerns and select a light most suited to you on that day!


Red light targets the cells responsible for skin rejuvenation which encourages collagen & elastin production & leaves the skin glowing!

Blue LED Used for its anti-bacterial & anti-inflammatory benefits, this light is perfect for healing breakouts & acne with no invasive treatment! 

Combined LED Here you have the best of both worlds, skin rejuvenation of red along with the healing benefits of blue! This setting is our therapists go-to prior to an event to heal those pesky pimples & get glowing skin.

Investment: £20 when added onto another treatment or £45 as a standalone treatment  Duration: 30 minutes Downtime: Zero!