Advanced Body Contouring and Refinement procedure with RFAL technology.

We all strive to look and feel our best. Diet and regular exercise are at the cornerstones of staying fit, but sometimes these are not enough to achieve the look and feel you desire.
BodyTite can help you achieve your goals with one procedure that delivers long-lasting results.

What is BodyTite?
BodyTite is an innovative procedure designed for patients who are seeking to treat deep fatty areas and contour their bodies. It is an ideal solution for contracting and improving the appearance of skin which has been impacted by ageing, stretching, or weight loss.

BodyTite is a minimally invasive procedure that provides superior body contouring and delivers results only previously achieved through more extensive excisional procedures. With BodyTite you can achieve surgical-like results without large scars or prolonged downtime.

BodyTite uses RFAL (Radio Frequency assisted Lipo-coagulation) technology that addresses some of the shortcomings associated with traditional liposuction or surgical body lifts.

How quickly will I see results?
Results can be seen immediately. Best results are noticeable after 6 weeks and continue over the next 12 months.

BodyTite effects:
*BodyTite gently treats fat in stubborn areas while contouring the skin, helping you sculpt your body into its ultimate shape.

Book in for a consultation with Consultant Plastic Surgeon Mr Lim to see if BodyTite is right for you.

Treatment Summary

BodyTite is minimally invasive and is ideal for patients who are wanting to treat deep fatty areas to help contour the body this could be from weightloss or ageing.

Areas We Treat

Arms, stomach, buttocks, knees, inner and outer thighs and legs. Multiple areas can be treated in one visit.

Downtime and Frequency

Local Anesthetic is given to the treatment site to keep the patient comfortable throughout the procedure. Depending on the treatment area, downtime can be from 2 days up to 10 days.

Procedure Time

Between 60-90 minutes.

Price List

  • Consultation with Mr Philip Lim £150
  • Arms From £3500
  • Abdomen only From £3500
  • Abdomen and Flanks From £4000
  • Thighs From £4000
  • Thighs and Buttocks From £4500

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