Observ 520x Skin Scanner


Observ 520x Skin Scanner

OBSERV 520x Skin Scanner is a state of the art skin analysis system which used by dermatologists & aesthetic therapists to accurately analyse the skin at the epidermal & dermal layers. Many skin conditions originate from the deeper layers of the skin and are often difficult to diagnose and see with the human eye.

We use the Observ Skin scanner before starting on many treatment and skincare jouneys such as Lumecca, medical peels and the Obagi Medical Nuderm System.

Treatment Summary

At your OBSERV Skin Scanner appointment we will take a detailed picture of your skin, your therapist will then discuss the report with you and recommend a treatment and skincare pathway to target your concerns to achieve healthy happy skin.

Areas We Treat


Downtime and Frequency

Zero downtime.

Procedure Time

A full consultation appointment takes 60 minutes.

Price List

  • Full bespoke consultation using the Observ Skin Scanner: £30

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