Is your computer screen ageing you?

by Innersense Management

Is your computer screen ageing you?

This last year has seen more & more of us working from home & sat in front of our computer screens all day & our screen time increased from scrolling social media for hours on end.

But could the blue light from your screens be ageing you?

According to a study released by Unileaver Skincare Research, four days in front of your computer screen is equivalent to 20minutes in the mid-afternoon sun!! WHAT!

Blue light contributes to brown spots on the skin, photo ageing & the breakdown of collagen which leads to wrinkles & skin laxity.

This picture really captures why you hear us talking about protecting your skin EVERY DAY, rain or shine, indoors or outdoors. On the outside the skin looks flawless, but it’s what’s happening underneath & these effects aren’t noticeable right away; they may take years to show. It’s not just the sun which damages the skin. 

Daily use of SPF will prevent these signs, head to our online shop to see the range of products Heliocare 360 has for all skin types to prevent from skin damage from UVA, UVB & visible blue light!

Stay Protected!!