Lip Lift Surgery


Lip Lift Surgery

As the ageing process takes place the skin on the upper lip can seem disproportionately long as the lip looses volume and lengthens. By shortening the height of the upper lip a more attractive feminine appearance can be achieved adding balance to the face. The procedure is done by removing tissue from just below the nose. This lifts the upper lip and improves the shape but does not add to the fullness and volume. The incisions are done so the scar will sit close to the folds beneath the nose. When the desired result is achieved the wound is carefully sutured and a dressing is applied.

Treatment Summary

Performed under local anaesthetic, to ensure complete patient comfort, tissue is removed from below the nose to shorten the height of the space between the upper lip.

Areas We Treat

Upper lip.

Downtime and Frequency

Swelling and bruising is expected however this settles quickly. Sutures are removed after 5 days by the Nurses. Lips can be treated with lip filler after 6 weeks post surgery.

Procedure Time

Up to 90 minutes.

Price List

  • Lip Lift Surgery From £1850

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