Lip Augmentation

Here at Innersense Aesthetics Medical at York & Wetherby (Leeds) we ONLY use the premier Juvederm range. Injected only by our highly trained Aesthetic Nurses Lee, Lorraine, Josie and Lois, who have over the years developed incredible techniques to ensure you receive the best results.

Using Juvederm Smile you can enhance an already well shaped lip offering it a more defined border or for first timers to lip filler Juvederm Smile is the perfect go to. If you find your lipstick is bleeding or you are slightly lacking in definition then this is the treatment for you.

Enhance your lips using Juvederm 3. Both the border and the body of the lip can be enhanced, defined and volumized. Using advanced injection techniques can ensure your lip treatment is bespoke.

If you are wanting the ULTIMATE lip treatment to shape and define the lip, give volume and projection then this package is for you. The package includes either 1.5ml of Juvederm OR line relaxing injections carefully injected around the mouth to help turn a sad looking lip up, around the top of the lip for either an extra pout or to smooth fine lines or to help a dimply looking chin.

Sometimes expectations of treatments are not met. This doesn’t mean it has gone wrong but all patients are different and different outcomes are inevitable. So if you have had lip fillers in the past and they have gone lumpy, become uneven, migrated or simply had too much put in them over time then it may be possible to inject the lip area with Hyalase. You will be in clinic for approximately an hour but Hyalase works instantly and you should start to see your natural lip come back.


  • Define £185
  • Pout £250
  • Ultimate £350
  • Hyalase (for dissolving dermal filler) £200

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