Lip Treatments


Lip enhancements have become extremely popular over the years. A full medical consultation is carried out with one of our aesthetic nurses. Our preferred product is Juvederm.

Our lips are constantly hydrated from within by hyaluronic acid. As we age hyaluronic acid is lost resulting in loss of volume and lines appear around the mouth.

What is lip enhancement?
By replacing hyaluronic acid with a manufactured product, definition can be restored naturally giving shape, structure and volume.

Here at Innersense we have been trained to he highest standard. We are qualified registered nurses who constantly update our knowledge and skills to ensure safe, expert clinical practise.

More than 1 treatment may be required to achieve desired results

Price Guide

  • Juvederm Smile (0.55ml) for definition £185
  • Juvederm 3 or Volift (1ml) for definition and volume £250
  • Juvederm Volbella (1ml) for hydration and subtle look £250
  • Belotero Balance (1ml) for smoker lines and fine lines around the mouth £250
  • Hyalase (for dissolving dermal filler) £80
  • Juvederm Ultra/ Vycross 0.55ml top up ( within 1 month of last lip treatment at IA ). £125.00

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