Diolaze XL (Laser Hair Removal)

diolaze XL before and after

The Ultimate solution to get rid of unwanted hair!
Achieve the smooth, soft skin that you’ve always wanted with the new champion of laser hair removal.
Unlike traditional methods (waxing, shaving, bleaching or using depilatory creams), DiolazeXL laser hair removal impacts the root of the problem, rather than offering a temporary solution. Traditional methods will require treatment forever, while DiolazeXL only requires a few sessions. Most patients immediately notice a significant reduction in hair growth and eventually smooth and hair-free skin

What is DiolazeXL?
DiolazeXL is an advanced laser hair removal procedure that safely and gently eliminates unwanted hair. DiolazeXL has one of the largest treatment spot sizes, making treatments convenient and fast.
The combination of efficacy, patient comfort and speed makes DiolazeXL a leader in laser hair removal. It is powerful enough to target and treat even the most stubborn hair.
How does DiolazeXL work?
During laser treatment, a diode laser beam passes through the skin towards hair follicles. The penetrating energy then heats up the root of the hair, which in turn prevents future hair growth.
Does Diolaze hurt?
DiolazeXL has a built in skin cooling surface which is one of the largest for all hair removal devices. This makes treatment more comfortable than other devices, with most patients noting that DiolazeXL is virtually painless.
Why do I need multiple treatments to achieve hair removal?
As with all laser hair removal methods, DiolazeXL requires a series of treatments. Laser hair removal works best when hair follicles are in their mature stage; however, at any given time your hair is in various stages of growth.
How many sessions are required?
Hair is reduced with each treatment and results are observed after four to six sessions. The number of sessions will differ depending on your hair color, hair type, body area, and skin tone.
Which areas of the body can be treated with DiolazeXL
DiolazeXL can be safely used on most areas of the body that have unwanted hair. Most commonly treated areas include: bikini, legs, arms, chest, back, shoulders, stomach, neck, chin and sideburns

We would always recommend a consultation prior to booking an Diolaze XL. A patch test is also required prior to treatment.


  • Underarm Hair Removal £70 per treatment
  • Underarm Hair Removal course of 6 £350
  • Forearm Hair Removal £70 per treatment
  • Forearm Hair Removal course of 6 £350
  • Full Arm Hair Removal £100 per treatment
  • Full Arm Hair Removal course of 6 £500
  • Bikini Hair Removal £70 per treatment
  • Bikini Hair Removal course of 6 £350
  • Brazilian Hair Removal £100 per treatment
  • Brazilian Hair Removal course of 6 £500
  • Hollywood Hair Removal £130 per treatment
  • Hollywood Hair Removal course of 6 £650
  • Half Leg Hair Removal £75 per treatment
  • Half Leg Hair Removal course of 6 £375
  • Full Leg Hair Removal £150 per treatment
  • Full Leg Hair Removal course of 6 £750
  • Back Hair Removal £150 per treatment
  • Back Hair Removal course of 6 £750
  • Full Chest Hair Removal £150 per treatment
  • Full Chest Hair Removal course of 6 £750

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