Alumier MD Peels and Facial


AlumierMD is our Medical Grade skin care brand & allows us to treat the skin effectively at home & in clinic with a series of superficial skin booster peels for a range of skin conditions from anti-ageing to acne.

Glow Peel – This is a medium depth peel perfect for brightening, tightening, anti-ageing & acne scarring.

Radiant 30 – Reduce the signs of ageing in 30 minutes with this AHA peel, superficially targeting the signs of ageing & pigmentation

Vitamin A Boost – Add this onto the Radiant 30 to enhance the results. High potency of retinol is ideal for fine lines, wrinkles & sun damaged skin.

Radiant 20/10 – A powerful combination of AHA & BHA helps to resurface the skin of reduce the appearance of acne & breakouts while rejuvenating the skin.

Detox Clear – The perfect add on to the Radiant 20/10 for further detoxification & brightening

Time: 30-45 minutes
Downtime: Little to no peeling
Results: Radiant, clearer skin
Restrictions: Aspirin allergy, sun exposure, pregnancy, skin cancers


  • AlumierMD Party Peel (enzyme peel) no downtime £35
  • Alumier MD Peel £40
  • Luxury AlumierMD Facial (a customised facial including facial massage & lymphatic drainage) £55
  • AlumierMD GLOW (including home care kit) £95

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