Lips to love

by Innersense Management

Lips to love

Lips to Love - Questions we get asked all the time about lip fillers.

Will I get a duck lip? All our lip dermal filler treatments are carried out by experienced Aesthetic Nurses who have been trained to the highest standard & have a full understanding of the lip anatomy and that the perfect lips are often described as a full bottom lip with an upper lip that slightly projects. Using dermal fillers from the Juvederm Ultra / Vycross range it is possible to help shape, plump & define the lip to the ideal shape.

Will it hurt? The Juvederm Vycross / Ultra range include lidocaine, which can help reduce discomfort during the procedure. We will always apply numbing cream 10-15 minutes before hand making the procedure even more comfortable. Your lips will feel quite numb straight after and maybe a bit tender for a few days after.

Are there any risks? Having any dermal fillers do not come without risk. Some risks are greater than others such as some redness, swelling and bruising which although this may not look great, it will always settle within a week leaving lovely shaped lips. It is always best to not have your lips treated just before a big event & always allow 2 weeks for your lips to truly settle.

How long will it last? Most patients will require treatment every 6 months although in some cases it may take more than one visit to reach the desired look.

What if I don’t like them, can I just have them dissolved? You should never have it in your mind that you can just dissolve your lips if you don’t like them. Again, dissolving lips doesn’t come without risk and really should only be used in an emergency situation. |If you are nervous about the look always start with 1/2ml Juvederm and build up over time.

Its time to stop dreaming and start doing…. talk to your Aesthetic Nurse to find out how Juvederm can give you lips to love.