Turn back the years with CACI

by Innersense Management

Turn back the years with CACI

CACI is one of the most popular treatments here at Innersense Aesthetics Medical and rightly so! The treatment is loved by many for its results including the age defying JLo & Jennifer Aniston. Its nicknamed the non-sugical facelift & its the perfect lunch break treatment to turn back the years!

What is CACI?

This fantastic treatment uses microcurrent to re-educate the facial muscles to lift & tone, returning our youthful appearance! Microcurrent was first used in the medical field to treat patients who had suffered from strokes & bells palsy. A combination of technology & technique which is used today in the beauty industry to lift, firm & tighten the facial muscles!

Who should have CACI?

Everyone! CACI can be used as both an ageing preventative and to target existing muscle slackening. We can treat the full face for an overall anti-ageing treatment and specific concern areas such as redefining the jawline & lifting hooded eyes.

When to have CACI treatments?

As we are re-educating the facial muscles, it is important you start with a course of 10 treatments (2-3 treatments per week for 5 weeks), starting with a low current which increases over your course - it’s like going to the gym! This allows us to build the strength of your facial muscles & improve the muscle memory for lasting results! Following your course of treatment, we would maintain those results with monthly CACI treatments!

How can I book?

We advise all patients to join us in Clinic for a skin consultation. This allows us to discuss your concern areas and ensure the treatment is right for you!

Have more questions? Book your skin consultation with one of our Aesthetic Therapists today!