Our Gym Bag Essentials

by Innersense Management

Our Gym Bag Essentials

Fitness is an essential for many to not only maintain a healthy body but a healthy mind, how-ever it can play havoc with our skin. Our team has put together our top 5 must have gym bag essentials to keep your skin happy with a healthy glow!

  1. Heliocare Water Gel -This is one of our bestselling SPFs, the reason it is so fabulous well… Its water resistant (no need to worry about sweat) your Heliocare will protect you from UVA & UVB rays whilst exercising outside and from High Visible Light which will protect you from the blue light transmitted from our phone screens!

  2. Heliocare Water Bottle– It’s so important to stay hydrated before, during and after your workout. Top tip- aim for at least 2 litres per day for optimal health. Free when you spend £40 on Heliocare!

  3. Skinade Derma Defence– This is a bonus as it will increase hydration to your skin. Derma defence is filled with Vitamin D and A, as a combination derma defence will shield, rejuve-nate and repair the skin. The little sachet of goodness (gym bag friendly) has high absorption and perfect to amp up your hydration.

  4. Obagi cleansing wipes– a necessity for on the go, they are soft and pre moisturized. Car-ry these with you in your gym bag to clear your skin from any post workout sweat which could lead to bacteria and breakouts!

  5. Obagi Vitamin C serum– Pop a few drops on your face after cleansing, Obagi Medical Professional-C Serum 10%. Designed to penetrate deep into the skin, this potent serum in-fuses the skin with 10% L-Ascorbic Acid to brighten dark spots and encourage the production of collagen and elastin while providing an impressive level of protection against free radicals and environmental stressors.

Our team of Skin Experts can create you a tailored skincare plan to match your lifestyle and target your concerns!