by Innersense Management

INDUSTRY NEWS: JCCP/CPSA Press Release – March 23rd 2020 - COVID – 19 ADVICE to PRACTITIONERS The Covid-19 pandemic is an unprecedented global threat and those working in the non-surgical cosmetic sector must adhere to guidance from government organisations. Disruption to practice is required to reduce the rate of virus transmission and save lives. For greatest impact, responsible behaviour is required by all, which includes social distancing by patients and practitioners. The non-surgical cosmetic sector is positioned between healthcare and beauty. This briefing is a CPSA/JCCP consensus statement, incorporating Public Health England guidance for the NHS and for the public. It is relevant for non-NHS healthcare professionals as well as beauty therapists. The CPSA/JCCP recommends and advises that: 1) Face-to-face consultations for aesthetic treatments should now cease 2) Telephone or media-link consultations can continue but must be secure and respect patient confidentiality 3) All elective/non-urgent procedures should cease 4) Adherence to national self-isolation and social distancing guidance by staff and patients/clients 5) Registered healthcare professionals should consider re-entry into the NHS This advice accords with UK Government Policy and guidance relating to both applying due diligence to treatment settings and to protecting vulnerable patient groups which the JCCP/CPSA commends all practitioners to adhere to: