HA Derma Training

by Innersense Management

HA Derma Training

It was wonderful to have the lovely ladies here from HA derma today training in Viscoderm Hydrobooster!

The exceptional Anna Baker led the training and the day was a huge success.

So what is Viscoderm Hydrobooster

Viscoderm Hydrobooster is a stabilized hyaluronic acid injectable product able to offer a dual function; a biological process of hydration and tissue restructuring, together with a mechanical action to stretch the most superficial wrinkles, in a precise and natural way, resulting in its unique HYDROSTRETCH action.

Our directors Lee Rowe and Lorraine Lathem also attended this and will now be offering it both our York and Wetherby clinics.


DEEP HYDRATION Improving elasticity, radiance and smoothness of the skin Biorestructuring activity prolonged over time and safety guaranteed by the specific formula

SUPERFICIAL STRETCHING Stretching superficial wrinkles for those with moderate to advanced signs of ageing (Glogau Scale Type 2 & 3) Particularly indicated for the dynamic areas of the face (perioral, periocular, forehead)

For more information on this fantastic treatment contact us in clinic today!