Heliocare - Our Hero

by Innersense Management

Heliocare - Our Hero

Protecting your skin from the sun & daylight is essential when it comes to keeping your skin healthy and helping to keep the signs of ageing at bay! That means using Heliocare 360 every morning - regardless of the weather!

Need some convincing? Here’s why:

  1. UVB is what burns our skin, but there are other types of radiation that take the stealth approach to skin damage… and they’re not just harmful when its sunny!!!

  2. UVA, Visible Light and Infrared - A are the other aspects of the suns radiation that damage our skin - but they’re present all year round AND can penetrate cloud!! Whenever you’re outside in the daylight your skin is under attack!!

  3. The sun (or daylight) is responsible for over 80% of skin ageing.

  4. If you’re having professional skin treatments or using skincare products with Vitamin A or exfoliants at home, your skin is even more sensitive to daylight.

  5. The sun is the main cause of skin cancer, and according to the Skin Cancer UK, 86% of melanoma skin cancers can be prevented!

Nothing protects like Heliocare 360, its more than just an SPF, providing you with high-level protection against the damaging effects of daylight with an SPF of at least a 50!!!

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