CACI Non-surgical Face Lift

CACI Professional Non-Surgical Face Lifts

The award-winning CACI micro-current treatment is the ultimate non-surgical facelift using tiny electrical signals to stimulate muscle tone. This non-invasive & pain-free treatment can improve the muscle tone of the entire face as well as specific areas such as the jowl & eye area. A course of treatment is often needed to achieve the desired result.

For optimum results, treatments must be taken two per week for 5 weeks. We then recommend a monthly facial to maintain the results.

Time: 30 – 90minutes
Downtime: Little to none
Results: Visibly lifted & toned
Restrictions: Pacemaker, active acne


  • CACI Eye Revive £35
  • CACI Jowl £30
  • CACI Jowl course of 12 £300
  • Full Face CACI £50
  • Full Face CACI Course of 12 £500
  • Hydratone Mask £10

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