Obagi Facials & Radiance Peel

Radiant Skin

We all love a machine led facial but sometimes nothing beats hands on treatment, especially when its elevated with Medical Grade Products!
Our range of Obagi facials are a great combination of relaxation & results with just one treatment!

Obagi Radiance Peel: minimally invasive peel, packed full of active ingredients. A great option for those concerned with breakouts or to reset the skin prior to starting the Obagi Systems. Mild peeling is expected.

Our NEW Obagi facials are 45 minutes of targeted skincare & relaxation with lymphatic drainage. An ideal solution for those looking to start professional treatment or wanting to elevate their current routine!
Signature Facial: Great introduction to medical grade skincare for all skin types to brighten & hydrate. Pregnancy safe.
Enrich Facial: The best treatment or those looking for an instant radiance with little downtime. We apply a small amount of the Radiance Peel within this facial for brighter, smoother skin after just one treatment!
Age Defy Facial: Turn back the clock with the Age Defy Facial, packed full of actives to help reduce the appearance of fine lines & wrinkles.
Antioxidant Force Field Facial: Ideal for detoxifying the skin, this facial is fully loaded with Vitamin C to brighten pigmentation. A great treatment to elevate the results of the Obagi CRX System & is also pregnancy safe!
Soothing Radiance Facial: Suitable for even the most sensitive skins to hydrate and reduce inflammation. Also pregnancy safe.

Add the OBSERV Skin Scanner to any of the above facials for just £30 for the ultimate skin treatment.

Time: 45minutes
Downtime: Minimal
Results: Brighter, clearer skin
Restrictions: Aspirin allergy, sun exposure, pregnancy*, skin cancers


  • OBAGI Blue Radiance Peel £95
  • OBAGI Blue Radiance x 3 including Obagi SPF £300
  • Signature Facial £70
  • Enrich Facial £70
  • Age Defy Facial £70
  • Antioxidant Force Field Facial £70
  • Soothing Radiance Facial £70

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