Dermal fillers

Dermal fillers (Teosyal™, Beletero™, Juvederm™, Restylane™) consist of hyaluronic acid (non-animal based) which is a substance naturally present in living cells. Fillers are injected into the skin in tiny amounts with a very fine needle and have a lasting result.

What can dermal fillers do?

Replace lost volume and soften lines and wrinkles caused by the ageing process. Lines can be hereditary or caused by sun damage, environmental pollution, smoking or simply as a result of the way we use our facial muscles.

Juvederm Volbella & Volft can be used for advanced treatment like tear troughs and upper face. As we age these areas become deeper, more shadowed and can give the appearance of looking tired and less youthful.

We will carry out a full assessment and provide you with the correct treatment plan. Our aim is to keep your results natural and as subtle as possible.

Price Guide

  • Juvederm 0.5ml £185
  • 1ML £250
  • Tear trough treatment £350
  • Liquid Face Lift / 8 Point Lift (using Radiesse or Juvederm Vycross) From £750
  • Cheek Filler £350
  • Volite skin quality injections for face, neck, decolletage £450
  • Volite to rejuvenate back of hands £250
  • Chin Augmentation 1 Syringe £350 2 Syringes £550

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