The Endylift treatment package combines all the benefits of both Endymed and CACI in one treatment plan.
Endymed gives the skin a new lease of life using 3DEEP Skin Science to rejuvenate the skin from the outside in. Endymed smooths fine lines and wrinkles while brightening the complexion making the skin firmer.
CACI is the famous ‘non surgical face lift.’ It uses microcurrent impulses to achieve visible results without the need for surgery, injectables and downtime. CACI helps to improve lines, wrinkles and skin tone.

Having a treatment plan of both Endymed and CACI combined will give the skin fantasic results.
If you are concerned with loss of tone to the skin, fine lines, wrinkles and wanting a better texture of the skin then this is the package for you!!
EndyLift consists of 8 treatment sessions over 8 weeks. 6 Endymed and 8 CACI treatments.
Week 1: Endymed and CACI
Week 2 Endymed and CACI
Week 3: Endymed and CACI
Week 4: Endymed and CACI
Week 5: CACI
Week 6: Endymed CACI
Week 7: CACI
Week 8: Endymed and CACI

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  • 8 treatment sessions £600

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