Rachael, our skin lesion specialist Nurse currently upholds the role of Skin Surgery Specialist Nurse within the NHS and has previously served as an Advanced Skin Cancer Specialist Nurse. She has over 13 years of dermatology experience and completed her Master’s in Minor Surgical Interventions in 2011. Rachael has a specialist interest in skin cancer and works alongside consultant Dermatologists. Skin lesions can be removed surgically or by cryotherpy.

During your appointment, Rachael will carry out a thorough consultation, which includes taking details of your medical history and lifestyle. The consultation will provide patients the opportunity to have skin lesions assessed by an experienced nurse in lesion recognition and competence in the use of dermoscopy. During the consultation the nurse will offer a full cutaneous check and will take both macroscopic and dermatoscopic images of any suspicious lesions and moles that are not easily seen by the naked eye. These images will subsequently be reviewed by a Consultant Dermatologist for further advice and clinical diagnosis. As part of the consultation education will be provided on sun protection and skin self checks.
Any lesions that are surgical removed are sent for histopathology sampling as standard practice to ensure a gold standard of patient care.

What is Cryotherapy?
Cryotherpy is freezing an area on the body with a substance called liquid nitrogen. The treatment can be used to treat a number of different skin problems such as warts, verruca, skin tags and sun damage lesions.
How long will the procedure take?
The procedure itself only takes a few seconds however the Nurse will determine the exact length of time of appointment needed.
Thicker lesions particularly plantar warts (verrucae’s) may need soaking and the removal of any hard skin before the treatment. The Nurse will discuss this with you if this is needed.
How often will I have to come to the clinic?
Some lesions can be treated with a single freeze, but others need to be frozen multiple times. The average number of treatments needed to clear a viral wart is approximately 5. Treatments are carried out every 2 to 3 weeks. Skin problems such a skin damage may need multiple treatments. Sometimes, the treatment may not be successful.

A face to face consultation must be booked with Nurse Rachael before any treatment is carried out.


  • Consultation for 1 Lesion (30 minutes) £125
  • Consultation for two skin lesions and above including a full body mole consultation (60 minutes) £150
  • Cryotherapy: Lesions include Seborrhoeic Keratosis, Solar Lentigos £100 for 1-3 Lesions
  • Cryotherapy Follow up for further treatment £90
  • Cryotherapy for 4-6 Lesions £150
  • Cryotherapy Follow up for further treatment £125
  • Cryotherapy for 7 and above lesions £200
  • Skin Tag Removal. 1-3 Skin Tags From £150
  • Skin Tag Removal. 4-10 Skin Tags £225
  • Cryotherapy: Wart and Verruca Removal. 3-4 appointments needed £225 for a course of 4 sessions
  • Lump and Bump Removal including Histology From £225
  • Lump and Bump Removal by Surgical Excision including Histology From £295

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