Skin Tag Removal

Skin tag removal before and after

A skin tag is a common benign condition, which consists of a small lump of skin projecting from the surrounding skin. The medical term for a skin tag is a cutaneous papilloma or an acrochordon.

Skin tags can vary in appearance; they may be smooth or irregular, flesh coloured or more deeply pigmented. They may be raised above the surrounding skin or have a stalk (a peduncle), so that the skin tag hangs from the skin.

Price Guide

  • Consultation (Nurse) FREE
  • Consultation (Consultant) Free
  • Skin Tag Removal (Sterex machine) From £45
  • Additional Skin Tag agreed upon consultation
  • Skin Tag Removal (Plasma Pen) £45
The Skin Surgery

Consultations can be carried out at Innersense Aesthetics by one of our Qualified Nurses who will be able to make the referral the Skin Surgery Clinic for treatment. After care and follow up treatments can then be back here in our York clinic.

For more information please visit the Skin Surgery Clinic dedicated website or browse the variety of treatments available on this site. The Skin Surgery Clinic is part of Good Skin Days and all procedures are carried out at the registered medical clinic by one of the Consultants or Doctors.

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