Mole Removal

Before and after mole removal

We offer two different types of mole removal at the Skin Surgery Clinic; Laser and Surgical. Laser Mole Removal provides the best cosmetic result post treatment, however surgical mole removal gives a 100% guarantee of no regrowth or re-pigmention developing over time. Surgical Mole Removal will always leave a small linear scar where excision has taken place. Both of these options will be discussed during your consultation and again prior to treatment.

There are three options for mole removal:

  • Laser mole removal – the preferred option for all moles. Quick, very little discomfort and no scarring.
  • Surgical excision – if we believe your mole may require histology (further lab testing carried out on suspicious moles), it will be removed by a brief surgical procedure.
  • Mole depigmentation – if the mole is flat against the skin, it may not be possible to remove it, but it can have its pigmentation colouring removed with laser treatment.

Price Guide

  • Consultation (Nurse) FREE
  • Single Mole Removal (Laser) £250
  • Additional Mole (Laser) £75
  • Surgical Mole Removal £350
  • Laser Mole Depigmentation (per treatment) £80
The Skin Surgery

Consultations can be carried out at Innersense Aesthetics by one of our Qualified Nurses who will be able to make the referral the Skin Surgery Clinic for treatment. After care and follow up treatments can then be back here in our York clinic.

For more information please visit the Skin Surgery Clinic dedicated website or browse the variety of treatments available on this site. The Skin Surgery Clinic is part of Good Skin Days and all procedures are carried out at the registered medical clinic by one of the Consultants or Doctors.

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