Endymed Facial Tightening & Resurfacing

Endymed Tightening

Endymed Skin Tightening

The most in-demand treatment in the industry, EndyMed’s aesthetic solutions for face and neck lifting and tightening deliver exceptional results which will continue after your last treatment.
EndyMed provides clinically proven as one of the most innovative solutions for non-surgical lifting and tightening for the eyes, face and neck.
A course of 6 weekly treatments is required for optimum results, followed by maintenance treatments every 3 months.

Time: 45minutes per treatment
Downtime: Slight redness which will subside
Results: Tighter more youthful skin

Fractional Skin Resurfacing (FSR)

EndyMed’s Fractional Skin Resurfacing treatments are a unique and effective way to rejuvenate, resurface, tone and tighten the skin. Delivering energy deep into the skin, EndyMed’s FSR treatments can be used for a series of skin concerns including acne scarring, lines, wrinkles & skin rejuvenation.

Endybleph FSR is suitable to treat the loose & delicate skin around the eye area.

For optimum results a series of 3 treatments over 3 months is required.

Time: 60minutes
Downtime: Redness which will subside after a couple of days
Results: Resurfaced & rejuvenated skin


  • Endymed Tighten Treatment Course - 1 area £350
  • Endymed Tighten Treatment Course - 2 areas £700
  • Endymed Tighten Treatment Course - 3 areas £1050
  • Endymed Tighten Single Treatment - 1 area £70
  • Endymed Tighten Single Treatment - 2 areas £140
  • Endymed Tighten Single Treatment - 3 areas £210
  • Endybleph FSR Treatment Course £500
  • FSR Treatment Course - 1 area £500
  • FSR Treatment Course - Full Face including Neck £850
  • Endybleph FSR Single Maintenance Treatment £200
  • FSR Single Maintenance Treatment - 1 area £200
  • FSR Single Maintenance Treatment Full Face £300

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