Endymed Facial and Body tightening

Endymed Tightening

GET SUMMER SKIN CONFIDENT.. From holidays, weddings & summer celebrations get skin confident with ENDYMED. Whatever your skin concern ENDYMED treatments deliver long lasting, natural rejuvenation results. If the signs of ageing have crept up on you and it’s starting to undermine your confidence, there’ll be an ENDYMED™
treatment to help you tackle your problem areas. All of the treatments have little to no downtime, and produce long-lasting results. You can even combine treatments to
help you target different issues at the same time. ENDYMED™ uses the most advanced radiofrequency technology, 3DEEP® Skin Science, to deliver six clinically effective treatments:

Price Guide

  • Endymed Tighten - 6 treatments over 8 weeks one area.Eyes, Cheeks, Neck. £300
  • Endymed Tighten 1 session £60
  • Endymed FSR - 3 Treatments 4 weeks apart £450

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