Advanced Latino Eyeliner - £500

10 September 2019

This is a one-day intensive course for qualified semi-permanent makeup artists

Now you have perfected the basic eyeliner look within your permanent make up treatments, expand your knowledge and the effects you can create on this one-day masterclass.

  • Introducing a selection of needle configurations such as power needles to create Latino eyeliner and thicker liquid eyeliner looks safely.
  • The day begins with colour theory, and safe working policies and procedures whilst working around the eye area. We will take you right back to basics and refresh your eyeliner knowledge as a whole!
  • This is NOT JUST an observation workshop! You will not only get time on practice pads and watch a demo but you’ll get full hands-on training too by working on a live model! Don’t accept a course that only lets you watch, you will learn nothing this way and leave dissatisfied.
  • Take your existing eyeliners to a whole new level.

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