Train in Areola!

01 October 2019


Areola training includes the Perma Blend Areola Ink Series Set (pink ribbon) which has been carefully compiled by World Famous Ink, a company that’s been producing ink for over 50 years. The set is comprised of 16 natural-toned shades of permanent ink, allowing for the creation of beautiful, realistic areolas on clients of any skin-tone.

The bottles contained within this kit are all 30ml and the colours included are:

• Portrait White • Tan Honey • Fair Honey • Fair Peach • Dark honey • Warm Mink • Tan Mink • Warm Peach • Cool Peach • Bright Peach • Warm Honey • Dark Tan • Cool Honey • Cool Mink • Tan Peach • Dark Mink

Perma Blend is a top-class line of tattoo and permanent makeup pigments that have been meticulously developed to create extremely high-quality colours for PMU and microblading. Perma Blend Pigments have been designed and manufactured by World Famous Tattoo Ink in the USA, one of the most reputable tattoo supply manufacturers in the world with over 50 years of industry experience!

We will also go over the different needle types and you will get lots of practice – Where possible we try to also provide a live demo.

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