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  • AlumierMD Training at Shanice and Georgina!!

    AlumierMD Training at Shanice and Georgina!!

    What a better way to start the week than training?!

    Shanice and Georgina have attended a 3 day training course at AlumierMD Training Academy.

    They have been learning about the complete product range as well as the professional clinic treatments giving our patients the freshest, glowing skin together with the best possible skincare to maintain the results at home.

    AlumierMD offers medical grade skincare and professional treatment peels which are safe and effective. AlumierMD can target specific skin conditions such as hyperpigmentation, textural issues, ageing skin, rosacea & acne.

    Did you know that none of the AlumierMD range is tested on animals? AlumierMD products are free from parabens, sulphates, mineral oil, petroleum, artificial colours & chemical sunscreen filters.

    Why not call clinic today and book a consultation today.

    Look as good as you should his 2020.

  • CACI Jowl with Shanice!!

    CACI Jowl with Shanice!!

    Do you want a lift to define the Jawline? Shanice is our new therapist here at Innersense Aesthetics’ who is now offering the CACI Jowl treatment. CACI is an advanced non-surgical facial with over 20 years medical research behind it.

    What is CACI Jowl? CACI Jowl is a non-surgical treatment that exercises and rejuvenates the muscles in the face to give a more defined and tightened Jaw/Jowl area. It’s rather like taking your face to the gym, but very much like the gym you wouldn’t expect lasting results after just 1 treatment. CACI is a treatment you would need to maintain to get maximum results. CACI Jowl uses a microcurrent which lift’s and tones the facial and neck muscles, whilst improving skin elasticity and reducing the appearance of fine line and wrinkles.

    How often would you need to have the treatment? For the best results we recommend a course of treatment attending at least twice a week. A course Includes ten treatments. Most clients see realistic results on their 3rd or 4th visit. Maintenance entails one treatment to remind the muscle every 4-6 weeks.

    Why choose Innersense-Aesthetics for your CACI treatment? We have an amazing offer this January for a course of 10 CACI Jowl for only £200.00 saving a huge £100.00 in Wetherby. This is £20 per treatment instead of a one-off price which is usually £30.00.

    Book Now and Start your new year off with a lift in time for SPRING !!

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