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  • Heliocare - Our Hero

    Heliocare - Our Hero

    Protecting your skin from the sun & daylight is essential when it comes to keeping your skin healthy and helping to keep the signs of ageing at bay! That means using Heliocare 360 every morning - regardless of the weather!

    Need some convincing? Here’s why:

    1. UVB is what burns our skin, but there are other types of radiation that take the stealth approach to skin damage… and they’re not just harmful when its sunny!!!

    2. UVA, Visible Light and Infrared - A are the other aspects of the suns radiation that damage our skin - but they’re present all year round AND can penetrate cloud!! Whenever you’re outside in the daylight your skin is under attack!!

    3. The sun (or daylight) is responsible for over 80% of skin ageing.

    4. If you’re having professional skin treatments or using skincare products with Vitamin A or exfoliants at home, your skin is even more sensitive to daylight.

    5. The sun is the main cause of skin cancer, and according to the Skin Cancer UK, 86% of melanoma skin cancers can be prevented!

    Nothing protects like Heliocare 360, its more than just an SPF, providing you with high-level protection against the damaging effects of daylight with an SPF of at least a 50!!!

    Call into Clinic to find the perfect protection for you!!

  • HD Brows

    HD Brows

    Wow, just look at these Henna Brows that were done today. Henna Brows is the latest must-have brow colouring treatment & is taking over from tint. This natural colouring agent is vegan-friendly it contains no lead, no ammonia and doesn’t require the use of hydrogen peroxide. After a patch test, you will have a consultation which will allow us to determine the correct brow shade for you. Brows are mapped for the perfect shape. The process takes approximately an hour and they can last for 4-6 weeks on the hair. Perfect for holidays as they last longer than a tint.
    Patch test required so next time you are in Clinic, ask for a patch test, we can add this to your file for when you are ready.

  • Hydrafacial training

    Hydrafacial training

    Hey everyone, so as you may know here at Innersense Aesthetics we put education and training at the forefront of everything we do (I mean how many clinics do you know that have their own training centre!?) It was with this ethos in mind that we were thrilled to be able to send 3 of our Aesthetic Practitioners to Manchester to complete their advanced HydraFacial training!! In the lovely Hilton Double Tree of all places, very swish indeed! Now we’ve been offering this facial treatment for some time and if you’ve seen our previous blogs, you’ll know we recently introduced a 2nd machine to our Wetherby clinic. Due to the high demand of this service it was a no brainer to send the team to the advanced training to cover the BODY! As you can only imagine we are so excited to let you all know what we learnt, and we can’t wait to start offering these amazing advanced body treatments! So, lets recap – What IS a Hydra facial? A HydraFacial is a non-invasive skin resurfacing and hydrating procedure. It is innovative in that the “vortex suction” tool works like microdermabrasion to exfoliate the skin and remove impurities, but without using crystals or abrasive chemicals to do so. It literally just uses suction like a vacuum to get rid of dead skin, clogged pores, and reveal more radiant new skin. A HydraFacial can treat several skin concerns, like fine lines, acne, hyperpigmentation and sun damage. Whether you have concerns with congestion on your back or pigmentation on your hands, we have you covered. Our trainer, Banu was incredibly knowledgeable and rather inspiring to say the least, after a morning of theory and product knowledge, we were thrown right into the practical session. Let us guide you through this treatment. We start with lymphatic drainage (Detox) which is incredibly relaxing, we then move on to a deep cleanse followed by exfoliation and then an acid peel. After removing any blackheads and congestion the entire back is then drenched with hyaluronic acid to deeply hydrate the skin! To finish, an application of hyaluronic moisturiser is massaged into the back which leaves the skin wonderfully hydrated, clean and fresh, with a summer glow. I mean, does it get much better that that? During the practical training session we also mastered the back treatment it was time to move on to the hands, feet and décolletage. Over these areas we find that age spots on the back of the hands, crepy décolletage, and dry feet are just a few concerns. The results are incredible and some instant. Courses are available for optimum results. We all truly had a fab day and learnt so much, we just can’t wait to start delivering these amazing treatments.

  • Hydra Pedi

    Hydra Pedi

    The ultimate summer foot treatment has arrived! The Hydra Pedi. 45 minutes of pure foot bliss. Using the HydraFacial we have created the most luxurious foot treatment to exfoliate, peel & moisturise your feet, followed by a foot massage to really insure you are walking on air.

  • Semi permanent make up training!

    Semi permanent make up training!

    We are super excited to be able to offer training in this amazing treatment, but what exactly is Semi-permanent makeup?!

    Semi-permanent make-up, also known as Micropigmentation, is a form of temporary cosmetic tattooing which allows you to have long-lasting eyeliner and lip colour as well as being able to shape and contour your eyebrows. The procedure involves tiny particles of pigment being placed beneath the surface of the skin (In the dermal layer), much like a tattoo. This pigment will stay in the skin for a number of years, gradually breaking down and fading with time, although the longevity of the results will depend on your age and skin type.

    Micropigmentation techniques have been refined in recent years and a wider selection of pigment colours have been developed so that technicians can create ultra-natural looks. Only a trained semi-permanent make-up artist can perform this treatment. Many technicians are also beauty therapists or nurses but you actually don’t need to have any formal training prior to training as we will cover everything you will need to know.

    In addition to being commonly used for cosmetic enhancement to enhance the eyebrows, eyelids and lips, semi-permanent make-up may also be used to create an areola (the brown area around the nipple) after mastectomy or for scalp densification in cases of hair loss.

    People that suffer from vitiligo or alopecia which are a chronic disorder that causes depigmentation in patches of skin can also benefit from semi-permanent makeup.

    You can choose to train in just Eyebrows or Eyebrows, lips and Eyeliner and the methods we can train you in are Machine or Hand tool.

    Anyone who wears make-up is a potential candidate for semi-permanent make-up especially the following:

    • If they lack colour and shape to their lips and want to enhance them without having dermal fillers
    • If they regularly pencil in their eyebrows or would like a better shape
    • Fill in gaps where they have been over plucked
    • If they want to enhance their eyes and want the effects of eyeliner without the running and under eye smudging
    • If they want to open up their eyes and raise their eyebrows without the need for a brow lift
    • If you are allergic to traditional cosmetics or if you
    • Simply want to save time by not having to apply a full face of make-up every day

    The technique is also used for medical applications such as:

    • Areola (nipple) tattooing following mastectomy
    • Eyebrow reconstruction for alopecia patients and those who have lost hair through burns, operations or accidents
    • Densification of hair loss
    • Cosmetic correction of cleft palate
    • Correction of facial asymmetry

    When we say Semi-permanent we mean that after the initial treatment, if left untreated again it would eventually fade away. However, it is recommended that clients boost their procedure annually to keep the cosmetic tattoo looking fresh.

    What will you learn on your semi-permanent makeup training course?

    You will receive first class training on a strict ratio. We only train a max of 2 trainees at a time, so you won’t get forgotten in a big group or classroom. We ensure you receive full focus and attention from your trainer and you will receive maximum hands-on coaching.

    All our training courses consist of a balance of theory, demonstrations and practical work. In the full course will teach you the 3 basic aspects of cosmetic tattooing:

    • Brow treatment
    • Eyeliner Treatment
    • Lip Treatment

    Who should attend the semi-permanent makeup training course?

    This course is an excellent entry point. Suitable for individuals who either wish to set up their own semi-permanent makeup business or who would like to enhance the treatments offered at a salon or clinic. You do not need to have any prior experience or a background in beauty. However, you must have a steady hand, an eye for detail and the confidence to sell yourself. The course will take you from complete novice to fully confident, certified practitioner.

    What topics are covered in your semi-permanent makeup training course?

    • Creating brow shapes and placement
    • Lip line and lip enhancements
    • Eyeliner shapes and placement
    • Troubleshooting
    • Legislation and guidelines
    • Marketing and client retention
    • Profile of your client
    • Hygiene, health and safety
    • Anatomy and physiology of the face
    • Consultations and contraindications
    • Equipment and needle usage
    • Colour and pigment theory
    • An overview of semi-permanent makeup and how you can advance your profession
    • Setting up your treatment area

    What will you receive when you complete your diploma course?

    On successful completion of the course, you will receive a Certification of Attendance. Once you have completed your case studies and portfolio you will receive a Diploma of Excellence and then you will be able to fully market yourself and start to see big returns on your investment.

    Is on-going support available after you complete your course?

    Absolutely! Rest assured, you will receive the support from trained specialists who are available by telephone and email to discuss any procedural, colour or technical queries you may have.

    So what are you waiting for? Join the semi-permanent makeup revolution!

    Email our Training Manager Melissa at [email protected] for more information

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  • Juvederm Volux

    Juvederm Volux

    We are so excited to be now fully trained in the NEW Juvederm Volux. Juvederm is the World’s number one brand of hyaluronic acid (HA) facial fillers. Lee & Lorraine are both highly trained and experienced Practitioners who have attended the Allergan Medical Institute for a full days hands on training day. The appearance of the lower face can play an important role in facile attractiveness. Juvederm Volux is an injectable hyaluronic acid structural gel which is sculpted immediately. When used in the lower face, it can significantly improve the appearance of the jawline and chin, in order to reintroduce lost volume or to add this volume in those who did not have it. Results can last 18-24 months. Throughout June 2019 jaw and chin augmentation is £450 (usual price £550). Call 01904 848312 or book online.

  • Lips to Love

    Lips to Love

    Why come to us for your lip augmentation? Why pay our prices? The answers are easy, both Lee and Lorraine are both experienced Aesthetic Nurses who have been trained by some of the most influential Cosmetic Surgeons in the industry. At Innersense Aesthetics we pride ourselves in going above and beyond for all our patients, offering advise, aftercare and ongoing after care. Safety is paramount. As experienced Aesthetic Nurses, Lee & Lorraine have excellent knowledge of facial anatomy, including the locations of blood vessels & nerves. In order to avoid unwanted or adverse effects, injectors must avoid injury to nerves & should not be made into the blood vessels. Each patients’ anatomy can be slightly different so a full medical history and inspection of the patients face is taken. Lee & Lorraine use the Allergan 8 point lip reshape, using specialised codes to enhance the body, cupids bow & body of the lip. As we age then so do our lips and so if it is not a pout you are looking for lip filler can help a droopy/ sad mouth, smokers lines or lips that simply look dehydration.

  • Hydrafacial


    You asked and we listened! HydraFacial has now arrived at our York Clinic and is already getting booked up for summer. Throughout June 2019 the HydraFacial is £99 (York only). Great looking, healthy skin boosts self confidence but it is under constant attack from the effects of the environment & ageing; resulting in enzyme loss, reduced collagen & dehydration. HydraFacial helps reverse this damage & gives you the means to protect your skin, achieving long term skin health & regain confidence in how you look.

  • Heliocare Hereos

    Heliocare Hereos

    You may have noticed but here at Innersense Aesthetics we LOVE Heliocare and we always make sure each and every one of our clients leave with an adequate sunscreen.

    Why? UVA rays account for 80% of the skins ageing!!!! The sun damages our skin every day, all day round so wearing daily sun protection is essential in maintaining healthy skin and helping to prevent premature skin ageing - which shows itself in the form of fine lines, wrinkles & pigmentation!

    Did You Know… UVA & Infrared - A are present all year round and UVA rays can penetrate through cloud and glass!!!

    Heliocare 360 is a multi award winning range, which provides daily protection against UVA + UVB rays, plus High Visible Light & Infrared - A. Essentially, this means come rain or shine, Heliocare 360 has your skin protected.

    With a large range of formulations we have every skin type covered, from sensitive skins, acne & breakout prone, as well as clients looking for coverage & sun protection in one!

  • Brow Tycoon Henna Brows!

    Brow Tycoon Henna Brows!

    The first training course to be held in our new training venue was the amazing Brow Tycoon Henna Brows!

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