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  • Teeth whitening gift vouchers

    Gift vouchers now in stock for teeth whitening.
    £150 or teeth whitening with our qualified dentist and £199 to include scale and polish.

    Teeth whitening pens now £19.99 instead of £35 for that extra whiteness.

  • Scleretherapy for thread veins

    We now offer scleretherapy at clinic. Sclerotherapy is a gold standard treatment for removing unsightly thread veins on the legs and face.
    Call now to book a consultation with the Doctor. Clinics will be running once a month from January. A £50 deposit is needed to secure your place.

  • New and exclusive - Aqualyx fat reducing injections!!

    Aqualyx injection lipolysis is today the world’s only registered agent for the safest injection techniques to reduce body fat.
    We are so excited to be able to offer this to our wonderful clients. Performed by a fully qualified doctor these injections are great for fat removal for the face and jowls to legs and stomach.
    Launch night coming in January..

  • Santa Claus is coming

    To get you on the road to beauty we are offering 3-2 on anti wrinkle injections, £220 for 2 areas and £120 for 1 area and £25 off filler injections if you book in December. We also stock Youngblood 100% mineral make and so all clients who visit in December will receive a FREE colour match and mini make over using this seasons colours.

  • Santa Claus is coming..

    Well it’s four weeks to the day

  • Next dentist clinic 13th December

    Ok.. So it maybe Friday the 13th but don’t let that put you off! Our dentist from MYA medical is coming and we have 2 appointments left.
    To ensure optimum results the dentist will also be doing scale and polish. Normal price £250 but as a Christmas gift this will be charged @ £199..
    What are you waiting for? If MYA teeth whitening is good enough for the X factor finalists its good enough for our clients!

  • Offer of the week

    We have an extensive range of Youngblood mineral make up in clinic. Why not pop in for a free dust and buff of blusher or a perfect pout of lipgloss.
    These gift boxes are great for Christmas presents.

  • Line reducing injections

    Here at Innersense, client safety and satisfaction is paramount. It is therefore important to understand the regulations that surround Botox. Botox is a trade name for the drug botulinum toxin type A & therefore must be prescribed following a face to face consultation. It is following this consultation the toxin can be prescribed safely, tailor made for you.

    Two weeks post treatment you are invited back to see the nurse & ensure your completely happy with the result. If you need a tweak then we tweak.

    We are open 6 days a week so if you have concerns, we are here!

    Our new purpose built clinic allows you to have complete faith in the nurses and feel that you are in safe & competent hands with the knowledge a nurse is always on hand to talk with.

  • Smile like a celeb

    1 place free on the 22 November for teeth whitening.. Call 01904 848312 or FB or email to book. Remember we only use a qualified dentist from MYA.

    Louise Thompson, E4’s Made in Chelsea

  • Youngblood mineral make up

    Today we have extended our fantastic range of Youngblood mineral make up. We never knew that there were so many different shades of red or coral lipsticks and glosses, we were like kids in a sweet shop! Using only the best ingredients and 100% mineral base this range is ideal for all skin types and whether you want a glamorous evening look or just an everyday look then this range is for you. Gift sets available for Christmas and we will even put our skills out and wrap them ready to put under the tree. If its good enough for Cameron Diaz then its good enough for us up North in Yorkshire. O

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